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Build or Buy-The million dollar question?

As businesses evolve and embark on a journey of digital maturity and roll out their digital initiatives, there are inevitably two camps-the build and the buy camp. Actually, there is a third….the do nothing camp or status quo.

Established businesses generally take the view that their needs are too unique for off the shelf without a tonne of customisation (and cost). Start-ups in growth mode who are more price sensitive tend to be more willing to make an out-of-the-box solution fit into their process and workflow management.

Here are a few stats from the project management institute regarding internal IT projects:

  • 14% of IT projects fall over completely.

  • 31% don’t meet their intended goals

  • 43% exceed budget and

  • 49% are late (no surprises there).

Not to mention some of the other headaches that come with an internal build:

  • Internal resource drain

  • Cost of maintenance

  • Growing the infrastructure to keep it contemporary and competitive

  • The key-man risk associated with people leaving the project/company (and with the process documentation planted firmly in their head).

Keeping up with in-house infrastructure is challenging enough, let alone maintaining access to the hundreds upon hundreds of operating system and browser combinations your apps must support.

A testing infrastructure must be able to go well beyond the basics to support things like parallel testing at any scale and delivering analytics and performance metrics for from development through launch. This can be quite a tall order for most in-house teams.


In the end, when it comes to a digitally mature continuous testing program, buying is always better. Your bottom lines (and teams) will both thank you.

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