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Are complex paper forms driving your customers away and fatiguing your support team?

StreamlineID solves the headache with best of breed Onboarding with Full KYC/AMLCTF compliance  and dashboarding

Transform your current onboarding experience from this....

Bad customer onbording this 

Digital Transformation

Forget about print and sign...

Complex Entities

StreamLineID enables onboarding complex entities and investors with complete confidence. We secure a customer's most sensitive information for your compliance.

SaaS Delivery

A Cloud based service to deliver scalibility, real-time visibility of user workflow and up-to-the minute compliance. 

Mobile responsive with API connectivity

Our automated technology saves time, angst and money for financial institutions and their customers. Mobile responsive forms and ID checks for Complex entities makes it easy to invest with you.


...and make it easy on yourself and your customers...

How it works


StreamlineID is a SaaS delivered white labeled automated form system. It does away with complex paper forms so that inbuilt logic form progression can move the sales cycle from days to minutes. Simply send us your complex form and we convert it to a beautiful logical form with e-signatures and AML/CTF ready to launch!

Scale up

Rather than leaving the Financial Institution to Build and Maintain the costs of staffing and running their own onboarding system, for a small transaction fee per application the Business or Funds manager can have a full AML/CTF compliant dashboard to onboard all types of complex entities such as new corporate client accounts and SMSF's.

How it works

Tim Casey, Colonial First State

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And keep your whole team happy.........



Full digital onboarding experience supported by a customised sales dashboard means reduced application abandonment and improved client engagement



Full SSL solution with electronic KYC for individuals right through to complex entities. Supported by AML dashboard 



Built-in form validation means significant improvement in rate of rejected applications.  Digital signatures and electronic AML means no more paper. 

..with integrations they use every day...

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